The Reports of Guardianship Abuse


We would like you to know the fact, what has happened to the ward of guardianship in Japan and to his/her family as well.
This is the real human rights violation done by Family court and Guardian.

Team TK

Translation Work to save the victims of guardianship in JAPAN

Website Adult Guardianship System of Ministry of Justice JAPAN.

It shows automatically only the sytem of the guardianship.

They have ignored what is being done by the judge of family court and Guardians.

Most wards and their families sorrowly say, 'If we had known the fact of the human rights violation by guardians, we wouldn't have
started the guardianship.'
The Ministry of Justice have ignored how much the ward and his/her family have been damaged.

☑Your beloved person has been taken away from his/her family.
☑The house owned by the ward can be easily sold by lawyer guardian, even if his/her family live there and are againt it.

The family court never explains any situation and gives any information to his/her family at all.

Even the ward himself/herself can never know what's going on his/her property grasped by the attorney-guardian.

How defective Guardianship in JAPAN is!

Ministry of JUSTICE,

The Report of Guardianship Abuse

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Report #1  
8million JPYen in reward of Guradianship 

Can you accept that such a huge amount of remuneration will be paid to the lawyer guardian? Here is the fact to be known.

 Koken no Mori  Facebook(Japanese)

 October 23, 2019

Report #2
Flaws in Japanese Guardianship

The ward of guardianship eagers to know about herself.
Why, When, By whom?    I was made to be the ward.
She wants to know them, but her request for disclosure has been refused at the family court.   Her right to know herself hasn't existed any longer.

 Koken no Mori Facebook(Japanese)


Report #3

Coming soon...



Most of the reports have been translated from the articles written by Mr. Koji Miyauchi, The representative of  general incorporated association, Koken no Mori )

With deep appreciation to Mr. Koji Miyauchi, 
Special thanks to Tokuko and Keiko of Team TK for translation.


Why should we shout to the top?

The discrimination against the wards of guardianship in Japan has been hidden under the table. 

We hope the ward and his/her family will be able to be free from the situation, who are being tied up with the unacceptable ropes by family court and attorney.

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against people with dementia and people with disabilities.